Sea cucumber

We supply both dried and frozen sea cucumbers from Indonesia and Iceland. We have large quantity and constant supply of dried sea cucumber which can be supplied on short notice.

Dried sea cucumber

Our dried sea cucumber comes from Indonesia. We have good access to various species of dried sea cucumber, and constant supply. We can accept small orders in the beginning.

Frozen sea cucumber

We sell frozen sea cucumber from Iceland – species Cucumaria Frondosa. MOQ is one 40 ft container. The products we offer are:

  • Whole frozen sea cucumber
  • Sea cucumber – butterfly cut (mouth on or mouth off)
  • Sea cucumber meat
  • Sea cucumber cleaned skin – raw frozen
  • Sea cucumber boiled/salted skin

Pictures and prices available upon request.

The sea cucumber season in Iceland starts in mid August so we are starting to accept orders for this season’s catch. All our sea cucumber is caught on one day fishing trips and frozen immediately when brought to land so it is extremely fresh.

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